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How to Replace Apache with NGINX on Ubuntu 22

NGINX is the modern web server founded by computer software engineer Igor Sysoev in the year 2004. NGINX is used by the most busiest and high traffic website. NGINX works out of box with the most major web stacks including LEMP (Linux, NGINX, MySQL, PHP) stack. This tutorial assumes that…

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How to increment or decrement a column value in Laravel?

Laravel, a PHP web application framework, provides elegant solutions for common tasks, and managing column values is no exception. In this guide, we will delve into the art of incrementing and decrementing column values in Laravel using Eloquent, the ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) included with the framework. Understanding the Basics Before…

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How to Write a Software Requirements Specification (SRS)

Certainly! A Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document outlines the requirements and specifications for a software project. Below is a simplified example of an SRS document for a website. Note that in a real-world scenario, this document would likely be more detailed and specific. Clear, concise, and executable requirements help development teams build…

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How to solve XAMPP not Apache working problem in MAC

Experiencing issues with XAMPP’s Apache web server on macOS, particularly when the localhost isn’t working, can be frustrating. Below are some steps to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the problem: 1. Check Apache Status: Open the XAMPP Control Panel and ensure that Apache is running. If it’s not, try starting it…

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How to solve error HTTP ERROR 500 in laravel

Encountering an HTTP Error 500 in Laravel indicates that something unexpected went wrong on the server. This error is often a result of a misconfiguration, a programming error, or an issue with your server environment. Here are steps to check and troubleshoot the error: Check Laravel Blogs **1. ** Check…

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How To Add Jquery Validation in Ckeditor

As web development evolves, combining different tools and technologies becomes common practice. However, it’s not always seamless. One common challenge developers face is integrating jQuery validation with CKEditor. While both are powerful tools individually, their interaction can lead to unexpected issues, especially when it comes to form validation. This blog…

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